About Us

Well, where do we start? OR Here’s something you might wanna know...

Our enthusiasm and love for what we do doesn’t just come to pulling up our socks and executing it once a year in front of a huge audience, but also comes down to practicing and executing it religiously with noholds barred. We at MGOCSM consider ourselves modest enough when we get together to start a new venture, but all in all we are just a bunch of crazy and dedicated youth thriving towards what we consider as best work in any area of life.Our spiritual conglomerate comprises of everything ranging from having fun, having fun and having fun in our work which we make it happen through some amazing events and activities in a miniscule or a more grandiose manner for the benefit of people around us.

But with all the enjoyable activities we involve ourselves with, our Sunday meetings are an outlet to get closer to our goals, beliefs, our roots and our relationship with vada-sambhar which we swore will never cease to exist. Our unit comprises of people from all age groups but mainly it focuses on the youth and the shaping of its mindset and how we cannot settle down to be just another brick in the wall. We abide by three words which we consider our motto i.e. Worship, Study and Service and through these we push ourselves to be better individuals for the society. So, there’s a lot more in store for you because we won’t be introducing ourselves if there’s nothing we don’t want to say! Check out the next page to know what it’s all about!