About SMBC


Call us basketball aficionados! OR So, this is the bragging part of the page OR YES! You might want to read this one

Exactly, we don’t want to talk about us the whole time, so how about a little insight into what we have in store for you this year, and the purpose behind why we believe in walking the talk. So, here it goes… Five years ago we came up with this small idea or some might say notion or maybe an inkling to start a practice where we give our passion towards sports a chance to benefit people around us who are struggling every day to see the light on the other side of the tunnel. Call it an impulse butwhat could be better than good old basketball! To give this new initiative wings and to give it a full throttle, we named this sporting extravaganza as SMBC, short for St. Mary’s Basketball Championship where talented basketball maniacs from different churches across Delhi come together and showcase their skills in this once in a year experience.
Quite a title for a basketball championship isn’t it? This little enterprise of ours is part of the St. Mary’s Sports and Social Outreach Programme where we raise funds and contributions for patients suffering from cancer and renal ailments. The first edition of this championship was held on 12 January 2013and we have add a very positive response and the outcome was phenomenal, with several patients receiving good medical care through this venture.